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  • What is Backtest Broker? Video
  • Can you backtest strategy XYZ?
  • Do you have data for futures, options, or indices?
  • Do you have data on symbol XYZ?
  • What has changed recently?
  • Backtesting

  • What Is Backtesting? Video
  • Does backtesting really work?
  • Should I Backtest Multiple Securities Per Strategy?
  • What timeframe length should I test intraday strategies that trade many times per day?
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  • Can I have an example calculating Risk & Return?
  • Why should I Actively Manage a portfolio?
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  • How do I trade at market close?
  • Can you recommend a broker?
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  • How long of a period do I need to backtest?
  • How do you define best performing strategies?
  • Any good books you could recommend?