Legal Disclosure

System availability and response time may be subject to market conditions. Information provided is for illustrative purposes only. The trading strategies, backtesting feature, trade signals and alert emails generated by the strategies are provided for educational purposes and as example only, and they should not be used or relied upon to make decisions about your individual situation. You may modify the backtesting parameters as you see fit. Backtest Broker is not adopting, making a recommendation for or endorsing any trading or investment strategy or particular security. The backtesting service provides a hypothetical calculation of how a security or portfolio or portfolio of securities, subject to an example trading strategy, would have performed over a historical time period. Only securities that were in existence during the historical time period and that have historical pricing data are available for use in the backtesting feature. The feature is not including hypothetical trading commissions nor bid-ask spread, and it does not account for any other fees or for tax consequences that could result from a trading strategy. You should not assume that backtesting of a trading strategy will provide any indication of how your portfolio of securities, or a new portfolio of securities, might perform over time. You should choose your own trading strategies based on your particular objectives and risk tolerances. Be sure to review your decisions periodically to make sure they are still consistent with your goals. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.